After our flight to London on Sunday, we visited Buckingham Palace and were able to watch the ceremony “Changing of the Guard” at the royal residence. From London Eye we had a perfect view over the London skyline, before many of us had Fish and Chips for the first time.

Starting from Monday we spent our mornings at the language school and improved our English. In the afternoon, we went to Eastbourne beach and spent the whole afternoon in the town of Eastbourne. We did a photo challenge and explored the area around our language school. In the evening we went back to our host families.

On Tuesday we stayed in the area around Eastbourne and explored the countryside. We walked to the famous cliffs “The Seven Sisters” and to “Beachy Head” lighthouse.

Wednesday, our second day in London, was very wet and windy. But we explored the city and visited one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, St. Paul’s Cathedral. After seeing the cathedral, we walked to Tate Modern and the famous Tower Bridge.

On Thursday we took the train to Brighton. We visited the famous Brighton Pier and spent some time in a shopping center. In the evening we had dinner together at a local pub.

We spent our last day in England in Windsor and visited Windsor Castle – even the king was present that day!

Text © Marie Hirschmann; Photos © Sigrid Karner-Rühl